Water Damage Restoration

Team K Services is Denver’s #1 choice when it comes to water disasters. If your home or business is suffering from a flood, pipe burst, or water leak – we will respond in 90 minutes or less. We can quickly extract standing water, dry the affected areas, and start planning a course of action to get your property back to pre-loss condition as quickly and as safely as possible.

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Basement Water Damage Cleanup

Flooded basements and crawlspaces can be more challenging to cleanup than open rooms. Moisture in these areas can remain hidden for some time and lead to mold and mildew growth with can destroy contents, valuables, and the integrity of your structure. When our techs arrive on the scene of a basement flood, we take immediate action to assess the extent of the damage and provide you with an explanation of what needs to be done to remedy the situation. No matter how large or small your basement is, we have the equipment and the knowledge to successful clean and restore a flooded basement.

Denver Sewage Cleanup and Removal Services

Team K Services is a water damage company that also provides sewage damage cleanup and sewage removal services. Coming in contact with fecal matter or raw sewage can cause major health problems, can destroy your belongings and cause severe damage to your property. In addition to the foul stench, an array of other problems such as fungi, viruses and other pathogens can create serious health hazards.

If sewage problems remain untreated, they can cause major structural damage which can be extraordinarily expensive to repair. Only trained professionals with the proper equipment should handle sewage removal. Raw sewage is difficult to mitigate and contains high amounts of harmful bacteria. Call Team K right away if you find yourself dealing with sewage damage.

Frozen Pipe Water Damage

Frozen water pipes and frozen water lines are a common cause of water damage during colder months when temperatures drop. Homes left unoccupied without regulated heating can cause pipes to freeze and expand until the pipe bursts. Leaky pipes in the attic can cause water to come pouring into the rooms of your home. Pipe bursts on outdoor sprinkler lines often go unnoticed until the water starts coming through basement window wells and walls. Call us as soon as you discover any frozen pipe water damage and we will work quickly to minimize the damage.

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Our team at Team K Services has years of experience with sewage cleanup and water damage. We provide the best sewage cleanup and repair services in Denver. No job is too dirty or too big for our professionally trained and certified experts.

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