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Act Fast When Water Damage Strikes

As a homeowner in Aurora, one of the worst things is to be caught unaware and unprepared for a problem. Not only is it inconvenient, but it can also be damaging and costly. One of the most common problems – and one of the ones that requires the most urgency and immediate action in cleaning […]

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What Do You Do When Your Sink Overflows?

It can happen in any bathroom, even in Littleton. Either the drain was clogged OR you just forgot the water was running. Either way, after the water filled the sink, the excess had to go somewhere! And it probably went everywhere. Most sinks (especially bathroom sinks) have an overflow opening on the inside of the […]

Five Causes of Leaky Roofs in Littleton

Nobody likes a leaky roof! Your home should be a place of refuge where you don’t have to worry about any outside influences. A leaky roof causes your sense of security to be invaded. Beyond that, leaky roofs are also likely to contribute to water damage in your home. Below are a few common causes […]

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Water Damage Info For Homeowners

If you are a new homeowner, you may have never experienced water damage. It may not be something that has ever crossed your mind. However, when you are the owner of your own home or a landlord, reality sets in pretty quick. Water damage can happen to anyone at any time and it is not […]

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What You Need To Know About Water Damage

Water damage is a stressful inconvenience to have to deal with. If your Aurora, Colorado home experiences flooding, leaking, pipe bursts, sewage backup, or any other form water damage, be sure to call Team K Services to help clean up and restore your home to its pre-loss condition. They will come in to quickly extract […]

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Top Causes Of Flooded Basements

Basements are inherently prone to flooding. They are, by definition, built partly or entirely below ground level. More challenging to clean up than open rooms, basements can harbor hidden moisture that leads to mold and mildew growth. A wet basement can destroy your valuables plus the integrity of your structure. While most often flooding occurs […]

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Avoiding Frozen Pipe Water Damage

February in Colorado brings perfect powder, amazing animals, and a winter wonderland in nature. However, the inside of your home could face some serious risks due to frozen water pipes and broken water lines. Homes left unoccupied without regulated heating face even more risk. Frozen pipes are a problem for a couple of reasons: Any […]

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Don’t Rely On The Internet To Fix Your Water Damage

The internet is full of answers, and in this modern world, we seemingly have the mysteries of the world unlocked at our fingertips. It takes one simple query entered in google to have a solution to any problem we can think of. However, there are some problems that shouldn’t be handled by Google or Youtube […]