Facts About Frozen Pipes And How To Prevent Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration denver, water damage denver, water damage repair denverFrozen pipes are awful; they’re inconvenient and can cause a lot of water damage and restoration costs to your Denver home. In addition, they can be very expensive. Below are a few facts about frozen pipes that will help with water damage restoration preparation:

Water Damage Restoration In Denver

Fact #1: Water expands 10% as it freezes, which explains the phenomenon of frozen and bursting pipes. The water that is trapped inside takes up more space as temperatures drop, but the water still has to go somewhere. The building pressure compromises and often bursts the pipes, which don’t immediately begin leaking usually because the water is frozen. When the water thaws, it will leak out everywhere, potentially causing water damage in your home. 

Fact #2: More than 250,000 families and homes experience frozen or burst pipes in the United States each year. 11-20% of home damage insurance claims every year are related to water damage and freezing. Burst pipes as a result of low temperatures in the winter are very common. 

Fact #3: It can cost as little as 50 cents per linear foot to insulate your pipes for the winter, thus protecting your home from potential frozen pipes and water damage. Of course every situation is different, but many frozen/burst pipe situations lead to costly water damage restoration efforts. 

So, with these facts in mind, what are some good strategies for preventing water damage restoration costs to your home? 


Insulate your pipes! Many homeowners do this themselves with a handy pipe-insulation tape that can be found at your local hardware store. Others have it done professionally. The important thing is to get it done! Doing so will likely be a cash-saving investment in the long run. 


Be sure that the temperature in your home never drops below 32 degrees, the temperature at which water freezes. Remember too that some pipes go through areas of your home that are dark and not well-heated, like attics and crawl spaces. Don’t turn your heat too low in the winter, even when you’re out of town, to prevent your pipes from freezing. 


 If you are worried about pipes freezing during an especially cold spell, keep your faucets running at just a drip. Doing so can prevent the water from standing still in your pipes and freezing. 

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Burst pipes are never fun. But, they’re more common than people realize! Follow these tips to minimize your chances of experiencing one. That being said, if you live in the Denver area and a burst pipe happens to come your way, Team K Services should be your first call for prompt, expert service. This professional water damage restoration company knows exactly what to do and they have the proper equipment to ensure the best job done! So what are you waiting for? Call the water damage restoration company as soon as you can! Do not wait! Time is of the essence!