7 Factors Of Kitchen Mold Damage

mold damage aurora, mold cleanup aurora, mold damage cleanup auroraOne of the most popular areas in a home for mold growth is the kitchen. With all the different sources of water and potential for expired food, this should come as no surprise. Preventing mold growth in the kitchen, however, is very important since mold growth can damage your home and negatively impact your health. One key way to prevent this is to understand the conditions that lead to mold growth in the first place. From our mold damage remediation pros at Team K in Aurora here are seven conditions that affect the viability of mold in kitchens. 


This is obviously the number one factor in whether mold growth occurs or not. Mold is dependent upon a moist environment to grow so it is a prerequisite for any of the conditions discussed below to matter. You should take note that even pockets of moisture that have been completely absorbed can also be a breeding ground for mold growth


Mold requires oxygen to grow, but there really isn’t much you can do about this. This is just another reason to address moisture issues immediately. Mold damage can occur fast if not taken care of. 


Mold prefers areas without intense or direct sunlight and low UV levels. Open cabinets and other enclosed areas regularly, even if it’s just to inspect for mold. It’s the areas that almost never receive any attention or sunlight that are the prime candidates for mold growth. 


Time is another key factor in determining mold growth. Mold requires at least 24-48 hours to begin growing after a flood. Depending on the conditions discussed in this post, this timeframe can vary considerably. Because mold can begin growing so quickly, it’s important that you clean up any leaks or water damage incidents before the mold damage becomes too serious. 


The humidity levels in your home can foster an environment favorable for mold growth if they are high. If high humidity levels become a problem, you can work to solve this problem by using a dehumidifier. Also, high humidity can cause condensation to build on your window sills and counters so if you are dealing with high humidity in your home you will need to wipe them down regularly.  

Organic Materials

Most cabinets, flooring, and surfaces in your kitchen are made of organic materials. While you can’t remove them, you can keep them clean and dry.


A consistent temperature between 70° F / 21° C and 90° F / 32° C is ideal for mold. Unfortunately, these are also mostly normal temperatures in kitchens.

Professional Mold Damage Cleanup In Aurora

There is no need to worry about preventing every one of these conditions. Rather, what is concerning is when multiple occur at the same time. Thus, make sure that you are aware of these signs and take preventative steps if conditions seem to be ripening for mold growth. Should a mold problem ever develop in your kitchen or any other part of your home, give us a call at Team K n the Aurora area for our mold remediation services.