Water Damaged Couches And More

water damage cleanup aurora, water damage repair auroraWater is used to wash and clean almost every material, so it is ironic that water can leave stains, mold, and damage on upholstered pieces. How should you deal with upholstered furniture that has been submerged in residential flooding? It depends on: the furniture materials, the toxicity of the water, the length of water contact, etc.

Wood Frames

When a couch has been soaked in floodwater, you have to act immediately to get it dry. Joints in the frame may loosen. If water penetrates the finish, the wood will mildew. The wood also may be contaminated with sewage, pesticides, or industrial chemicals that were in the floodwaters. 

If the weather permits, you can leave the furniture to dry outside. Make sure the temperature is right. If it is too cold, the wood piece will dry too slowly and mold will form. If it is too hot, cracks will form in the furniture.


When faced with soaked upholstered furniture, your options are limited. If the water reached the upholstery, the fabric may be stained or watermarked. Worse, padding holds the water, allowing mildew to grow. The biggest danger is from contamination from sewage, pesticides, or industrial chemicals that were in the floodwaters. Here it is best to discard the upholstered piece.


Leather surfaces (and leather like plastics) need special care after water damage. Like wood, leather can fade, stiffen, and crack when placed close to heat sources because it can dry up. When drying, avoid placing it very close to heat source or in a spot that gets direct sunlight. Use a clean, white cloth to dust every couple of weeks so that it stays clean. Vacuum in crevices and along the bottom when you wipe down the rest of the surface. 

Team K Services For Professional Assistance

Drying out furniture after a flood can be a daunting and challenging task. Each situation is different– but you might benefit from: water extraction (suction/vacuum systems), drying (fans and dehumidifiers) equipment on salvageable materials, restoration of materials, removal of debris.

Team K Services will document the damage to your property and contents with photos of the loss before starting the water damage restoration work begins, during the cleanup process and after the job is completed, so that your claim can be processed quickly and accurately.

Water Damage Restoration In Aurora

No matter the cause, water damage is a mess to handle on your own. Standing water can lead to mold growth, corrode electronics and then weaken the structural supports of a building. When Team K Services  arrives on the scene, they take immediate action to assess the extent of the damage and provide you with an explanation of what needs to be done to remedy the situation. Trust Team K to have the equipment and the knowledge to successful clean and restore a flooded basement.

Team K Services is Aurora and Colorado’s #1 choice when it comes to any water disaster. Team K has live managers on call all the time, you will never deal with an answering service. And most importantly, they will arrive at your door in 90 minutes or less when you suffer from a water or fire disaster.