Keeping Your Home Safe From Water Leaks With Technology

Most homeowners are just not prepared for a water emergency:

  • Very few “inspect” appliances on a regular basis. 
  • Many do not know where their main water valve is located. 
  • While most clients invest in fire and security alarms, water leak detection devices are much less commonly used today.

A recent survey by Chubb revealed that more than nine out of 10 homeowners (91%) give themselves high marks for preventative home maintenance. Less than 10%, however, had installed a water leak detection device. This underestimation of water as a significant property exposure can lead to expensive losses.

How can Littleton homeowners best protect their property? We at Team K Services recommend doing so by 1) having their plumbing and water-related appliances inspected regularly, 2) learning their shut off systems, and 3) installing water leak detection devices.

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What (and When) Is the Danger?

Supplying everything from water heaters and washers to toilets and refrigerator ice makers, hundreds of gallons of water flow daily through your home. And while it may seem like a low-risk hazard, data from the Insurance Information Institute shows that water damage and freezing claims were the second most frequent cause of homeowner insurance losses, with each claim averaging about $8,000. Additionally, the frequency of such leaks is on the rise. In 2011, water damage accounted for about a quarter of all property damage claims. By 2015, they accounted for nearly half of all similar losses.  

Visual Inspections

Consider the fact that just half of all homeowners check appliance hoses (52%) and conduct water heater maintenance (51%).  A quarter of all homeowners have never had their appliances professionally inspected, and 21% have not done so in more than three years.  

Prevent Interior Water Damage

Know where the water main shutoff valve is located; educate your family and whoever is watching your home, so they know what to do if a leak or backup happens. 

If you travel or are planning to be gone for an extended period of time, turn off your water main before leaving, get a neighbor or friend to check INSIDE your home periodically. Show them where the water main is located in case they need to turn off the water. If you have a flow-based water shutoff device, set it to “away” before you leave.

Also consider installing a backwater valve to prevent sewer water from re-entering the home if a sewer or drain line gets backed up due to excess rain or flood waters.

Detection System Options 

By far, the best technological assistance is from a leak detection system. Experience shows that in the event of a leak, such devices can significantly limit damage to homes and belongings.

  • Device sensors
    Placed near water-using appliances and devices, these sensors will send an alert to your smartphone when a water leak is detected.
  • Centralized systems
    By combining a water shut-off valve with a wireless control panel, these systems sound an alarm in the house or send an alert to your smartphone and turn off the home’s water supply when a continuous water flow is detected.
  • Combination systems
    These systems use sensors near water-using appliances and shut-off valves attached to the home’s main water supply. They are triggered either when a small leak is detected near an appliance, too much water is flowing through the home’s plumbing, or when the home’s temperature falls below 40 degrees.

Water Damage Restoration In Littleton

Team K Services is Littleton’s #1 choice when it comes to any water disaster: a flood, pipe burst, or water leak. Team K has live managers on call all the time, you will never deal with an answering service. They offer direct insurance billing to facilitate the relationship with the insurer and promote timely payment. And most importantly, they will arrive at your door in 90 minutes or less when you suffer from a water or fire disaster.