What Do You Do When Your Sink Overflows?

It can happen in any bathroom, even in Littleton. Either the drain was clogged OR you just forgot the water was running. Either way, after the water filled the sink, the excess had to go somewhere! And it probably went everywhere.

Most sinks (especially bathroom sinks) have an overflow opening on the inside of the side closest to you, near the top. The purpose is to prevent overflowing by directing water to go thru that hole and down the drain. However, sometimes this ‘emergency exit’ does not direct the water properly into the drain and you are left with a wet mess in the bathroom cabinet.

Since the water from your sink and bathtub is safe for consumption, there is little bacteria that can cause harm right away. The threat will develop, however, if more than 48 hours passes after the overflow. Call Team K Services immediately for help with your water damage cleanup.

Secondary Damage From Overflow

Any errant water from an overflowing sink can weaken the integrity of floor joists. Once water gets under the floor covering, it sits on the joists and subfloor. It doesn’t evaporate since there is nowhere for the vapor to go, so the wood continues to rot. Even if you don’t see the damage, you can begin to smell it (and notice the spongy floor.)

Another danger is damage done to rooms underneath the overflow. If the problem starts in a second-floor bathroom and your kitchen is under it, the problem is doubled. You wind up with ceiling damage in your kitchen, plus various bacteria and germs have access to your kitchen.

However the biggest fear of a sink overflow is mold and mildew growth. With the right environment, mold can grow quickly. Bathrooms offer this environment lots of moisture, poor ventilation, adequate food source.

Is it Covered By Insurance?

If a sink or faucet is left running accidentally and water spills over the edge, don’t worry. Your first step is to call Team K. The good news is that these incidents are usually covered by your homeowners policy; insurance companies consider them “sudden and accidental” as opposed to “wear and tear.” This simply means that it didn’t occur due to lack of maintenance; it was an accident, similar to a frozen pipe bursting or a tree falling during a thunderstorm.

Water Damage Restoration in Littleton

No matter the cause, water damage is a mess to handle on your own. Standing water can lead to mold growth, corrode electronics and weaken the structural supports of a building. When Team K Services arrives on the scene of a basement flood, they take immediate action to assess the extent of the damage and provide you with an explanation of what needs to be done to remedy the situation. Trust Team K to have the equipment and the knowledge to successfully clean and restore a flooded basement

Team K Services is Littleton’s #1 choice when it comes to any water disaster: a flood, pipe burst, or water leak. Team K has live managers on call all the time, so you will never deal with an answering service. They offer direct insurance billing to facilitate the relationship with the insurer and promote timely payment. And most importantly, they will arrive at your door in 90 minutes or less when you suffer from a water or fire disaster.