Five Causes of Leaky Roofs in Littleton

Nobody likes a leaky roof! Your home should be a place of refuge where you don’t have to worry about any outside influences. A leaky roof causes your sense of security to be invaded. Beyond that, leaky roofs are also likely to contribute to water damage in your home. Below are a few common causes of leaky roofs for you to be aware of, and what we deal with at Team K Services in Littleton every day.


Roofing materials only last for so long. Asphalt shingles wear out especially quickly. Although this is inevitable given enough time, factors such as temperature and exposure to sunlight may lead to leaks occurring sooner. Temperature does this when it fluctuates between hot and cold, leading to the expansion and contraction of the shingles. Direct sunlight can melt the tar that holds shingles together, causing a leak as well.

Missing Shingles

This doesn’t require much explanation. A missing shingle on your roof means that it lacks the barrier necessary to keep the moisture out. Thus, if you ever find a shingle lying near your home you should expect water to leak into your home during the next rainstorm.

Vent Boots

Fabricated from rubber, a vent boot slides over the plastic vent pipes that protrude from a roof to work with flashing to waterproof the junction of roof and pipe. Vent boots can be plastic, metal, rubber or any combination. When the gasket stops working, the old boot must be pulled off with the aid of a knife or other tool, and a new one installed. Like shingle work, this is a job that can be handled without a call to a contractor.


Holes in the roof are commonly caused by storm damage and animals. These typically cause obvious holes, but holes can also be more subtle. These holes can survive for years without notice until they are uncovered by an inspection or some change that causes water to begin leaking into the home. These hidden, tiny holes are often a result of misplaced roofing or nails.

Clogged Gutters

No one likes cleaning their rain gutter. The junk that quickly accumulates in your gutters is gross and not fun to deal with. It is important to do so, however, because junk in your gutters will block the normal water flow through the gutters. When this happens, and water begins to build up, it exerts unnecessary pressure on your roof. Given enough time, your roof will inevitably give in and begin leaking.

There are many different ways that water leaks can come through your roof. Only a few of the most common are listed above. It is imperative that you focus on keeping this from happening since water damage often occurs as a result of roof leaks. If you deal with any roof or water damage problems, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Team K Services in the Littleton area for help. Our team of certified professionals are experienced in all types of roof and water damage repair and will be able to provide you with the best quality service available!