What You Need To Know About Water Damage

water damage cleanup aurora, water damage aurora, water extraction auroraWater damage is a stressful inconvenience to have to deal with. If your Aurora, Colorado home experiences flooding, leaking, pipe bursts, sewage backup, or any other form water damage, be sure to call Team K Services to help clean up and restore your home to its pre-loss condition. They will come in to quickly extract standing water, dry affected areas, and start planning a course of action to restore your home and make it safe again.

Some cleanup jobs are just too big or too dirty to complete on your own. Professional cleaning technicians having the skills, certification, experience, and equipment to properly complete a restoration job. Count on the professionals to provide excellent customer service and clean up after water damage both quickly, and thoroughly. In Colorado. when the temperature drops to freezing, any water in your pipes will freeze and expand. If there is enough ice in the pipes, they will likely cause a pipe burst. Leaking and burst pipes will cause water damage in no time, but professionals can hop right on the job to quickly reverse the damage. Keep the temperature of pipes regulated if possible to avoid expansion and possible leaking or bursting.

Water comes in three major types. Water is either clean, contaminated, or somewhere in between. Contaminated water is usually associated with sewage. Sewage pipes can become backed up, or the pipes can also break causing a burst or leak. It is important to clean up after contaminated water for your health. Professionals will be able to come into your home to clean up, sanitize, remove, and restore as a part of their process. Your home will be left cleaned of water damage and contamination.

Another health harm that comes from excess moisture is mold/mildew. Mold thrives in humid or moisture rich environments. When there is water damage, an environment perfect for mold growth is present. Exposure to mold can create health problems that include throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, coughing, and skin irritation. Avoid these health problems by getting water damage removed, watching for mold, and staying away from any mold you may find. Catching water damage early on can save you the time and money it takes to also remove mold and any other contaminations.

Water damage is sometimes obvious. Warping, discoloration, sinking spots, and puddles are all easily seen by the average eye. Sometimes, water damage stays hidden and is hard to detect. Some of the places where hidden water damage occurs include baseboards, crawl spaces, attics, underneath carpet, and behind walls. It is especially important to get professional help for water damage restoration so they can use equipment that will find hidden water damage, and other equipment to extract and dry out difficult-to-reach areas.

There are a few other places where water damage can occur. The roof is a shield to the home, if damaged, water can get inside through the roof. Appliances make life easier, but not when they are leaking water. Dishwashers, clothing washers, toilets, tubs and showers, sinks, and hoses can all leak water and lead to water damage. Check up on your water appliances to make sure they are functioning properly and that their water pipes aren’t leaking. Check the caulking in your shower and bathroom to make sure it is still in good condition. Similarly, check windows and doors to make sure they are sealing properly. If the sealing is broken, water can get into the home to cause damage.