Top Causes Of Flooded Basements

water damage cleanup littleton, water damage littletonBasements are inherently prone to flooding. They are, by definition, built partly or entirely below ground level. More challenging to clean up than open rooms, basements can harbor hidden moisture that leads to mold and mildew growth. A wet basement can destroy your valuables plus the integrity of your structure.

While most often flooding occurs during big rains or rapid snowmelts in the spring, many other factors can lead to a flooded basement.

Unsuitable Locations For Your Home

A typical cause of basement flooding is that the house has been constructed on an unsuitable site. Subdivisions are sometimes built in lower-lying areas that are generally wetter than others. A flatter lot is cheaper to build on but it may accumulate more water during rain events. Sometimes the lot is poorly graded; the slope of the land directs water flow toward the house– not away from it.

Poor Floor And Wall Sealing

Another common reason for basement flooding is poor flooring and wall sealing. If the basement tiles have not been sealed properly during the construction of your house, water will easily seep through them in the event of extreme weather conditions. If your basement often fills with water after heavy storms and downpours, check the seals.

Blocked Or Poorly Installed Gutter System

Blocked, or poorly designed gutter systems, allow too much water to pool around the outside of the home. Ideally, the downspouts drain towards the street or the backyard, not towards your basement walls or those of your neighbor.

Window Wells

During heavy rains or drainage problems, water can collect within the window well. As the water collects, pressure builds which can cause seepage thru the gaps around the window. As the trapped water builds outside the window, it will increase the pressure on the window and seals. This seepage can eventually crack the glass itself.

Appliance Failure

The average lifespan of a hot water heater is only about 10-15 years. As they age, they can leak slowly or have a catastrophic tank failure that sends 50 gallons of water into your basement.

Any break in the home’s internal water supply plumbing or a clogged toilet will also send water rushing into your basement, potentially damaging floors, walls and possessions.

Sump Pump Failure

Sump pumps, when working properly and adequately maintained, safely pump excess water above the foundation and out to the storm sewer. If the pumps cannot keep up or fail, the groundwater level around the foundation can rise to the point that it flows up and out of the sump onto the basement floor.

If your house is equipped with a sump pit drainage system, clean and test at least once a year.

Weeping Tile Failure

Gravity foundation systems often called weeping tiles, are porous pipes used for underground water collection or discharge. They deteriorate and degrade over time and can get plugged by fine sediments. As a result, the ground around the foundation will cease to drain itself and the basement will take on that water.

Sewer System Failures

Sometimes your landscaping causes damage to the sewer lines in your yard. For example, tree roots might penetrate or cause a break in the pipes running in the garden.

Sometimes the entire neighborhood’s pipe system is full and the water level in the manholes may rise well above the top of the pipe. If the sewage level in the system exceeds that of your basement, sewage can flow towards your home. When this occurs, the wastewater may enter your basement by way of the lowest fixture: a floor drain, shower drain, sink, washbasin or toilet.  

Water Damage Cleanup In Littleton

No matter the cause, basement floods are a disaster. Standing water can lead to mold growth, corrode electronics and the weaken the structural supports of a building. When Team K Services arrives on the scene of a basement flood, they take immediate action to assess the extent of the damage and provide you with an explanation of what needs to be done to remedy the situation. They have the equipment and the knowledge to successful clean and restore a flooded basement

Team K Services is Littleton and Colorado’s top choice when it comes to any water disaster: a flood, pipe burst, or water leak. Team K has live managers on call all the time, you will never deal with an answering service. They offer direct insurance billing to facilitate the relationship with the insurer and promote timely payment. And most importantly, they will arrive at your door in 90 minutes or less when you suffer from a water disaster.