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Your Complete Spring Maintenance Checklist

The Complete Spring Maintenance Checklist Spring is finally upon us! With the warmer weather coming, now is the time to assess your property. By taking this step, you can find potential issues early to avoid the need for damage restoration services later. Team K Services is sharing our Spring property maintenance checklist to get the season started […]

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Fire Safety Tips for the Whole Family

Fire Safety Tips for the Whole Family When it comes to fire safety, you shouldn’t take any chances. There are many causes of fires with which you should familiarize yourself. Use these fire prevention tips to keep your home and family safe at all times. Home Fire Safety Tips You’ll want to install smoke alarms […]

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Avoiding Frozen Pipe Water Damage

Avoiding Frozen Pipe Water Damage February in Colorado brings perfect powder, amazing animals, and a winter wonderland in nature. However, the inside of your home could face some serious risks due to frozen water pipes and broken water lines. Homes left unoccupied without regulated heating face even more risk. Frozen pipes are a problem for […]

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Don’t Rely On The Internet To Fix Your Water Damage

Don’t Rely On The Internet To Fix Your Water Damage The internet is full of answers, and in this modern world, we seemingly have the mysteries of the world unlocked at our fingertips. It takes one simple query entered in google to have a solution to any problem we can think of. However, there are […]